Jackson County needs fair county commissioner elections! Today, Jackson County elects our  commissioners in a partisan fashion, preventing voters who choose not to have a party affiliation from participating in the primary elections. Our measure seeks to align Jackson County with the 27 other counties who have non-partisan commissioner elections. All other Jackson County elected positions are non-partisan; county commissioner positions should be, too!

All other Oregon counties who’ve voted on non-partisan commissioner election measures  have passed them,  usually by large margins.  It’s time to make Jackson County commissioner elections more fair; won’t you join us and collect signatures for this important measure?

     Must be printed front and back! Paper must be 20 pound or higher.

You also must sign also fill out the bottom of the page for circulator – sign, date, print, and put your address. Do this even if you are the only one signing.

If you have questions, please call or text 541-301-7062.

The following is what the ballot measure will add to the Jackson County charter.


Section 9 of the Home Rule Charter of Jackson County, Oregon is amended to read as follows (new language in bold, italics font):

Section 9. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The governing body of the County is the Board of three County Commissioners, who shall be nominated and elected from the County at large. Effective with the 2022 primary election, the office of County Commissioner shall be nonpartisan, and all County Commissioners shall be nominated and elected as provided by the laws of the State of Oregon for the nomination and election of nonpartisan offices.

Ballot Language

  Change Jackson County Commissioners to a nonpartisan elected position

Question:  Shall the office of Jackson County Commissioner be a nonpartisan position?

Summary:  The Jackson County governing Board consists of three County Commissioners that are currently partisan positions.  If approved, the measure would change County commissioner to nonpartisan positions effective with the 2022 primary election.

Questions or want to volunteer?

Call/text: 541-301-7062